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About SoldOut®

SoldOut Online Advertising Packages are a one of a kind online promotion service that are specialized for live shows and performances. Unlike conventional methods of advertising such as posters and printed ads, SoldOut has 40x the reach and 230% higher results. This enables both Venues as well as individual artists to promote their show.

Venues: Benefit from knowing that your next event will get the publicity and exposure it needs to your regular members but most importantly reaching out to a new crowd. Whether for small venues and clubs of 300 capacity or 20k arenas SoldOut can ensure you get reach your end result every time.

Artists: An absolute no-brainer either for a single show or for your entire tour. While we cover all cities in the US and EU, we can spread the word ahead of time wherever you perform. To create a fan base people need to like your tunes and while we can’t help with that, we can make sure they hear your tunes.

  • Low Cost: We know that a lot of shows run on a tight budget and our pricing policy is one that enables artists and venues to get an end result worth much more than what they spend.
  • Wide Reach: Engaging more people than posters, magazines, newspapers and radio stations combined!
  • Target Precision: Not wasting your money for generic reach. Advertise more to your target audience.
  • Global Service: Your campaigns can follow you on tour in different countries and different languages making sure your every show is sold out.
  • Ease of Use: No technical knowledge required. You give us the details of your show and we take care of the rest.
Your campaign needs to be up and running at least one week before the live show. We need at least 3 business days to set up the campaign, test it, send you the ad for approval etc. Taking into account the order process and gathering all the material, 15 days prior to the show would be the absolute latest.

Ideally, it’s best to have the service a month or two in advance and have the campaigns run for two weeks prior to the show. Same goes for live tours.

Artists: All you need to do is to Choose A SoldOut Package that fits your needs. Once you place your order, a representative will reach out and gather all the information necessary for us to create your campaign.

Venues: For ongoing promotion of events please contact us for a custom solution. For a one-time promo please use the process mentioned above.

Yes, you can buy a bigger package or a smaller one if you wish. It depends on the exposure that you want to receive. The venue capacity is an estimate that we have based on an average response for each campaign. These parameters can change based on a number of factors such as the location of the show, the day of the show, how well known the artist is etc. So if you have a show on a Monday night, or there’s a big football game or you are performing in either a small town or a town that doesn’t know you that well, you might want to consider a bigger package than the recommended one.
In general, our representatives will not ask for more information than you would have on your show’s poster. Who, when, where, what time, a picture of the artist/artwork or poster and if available a link for online ticket sales or information desk number.

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To take advantage of this offer Choose A SoldOut Package, select Continue and the discount will be automatically applied at the checkout process.

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We will compose and post an article for your show on our high traffic Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will also boost and promote it locally to music lovers in the area of your show. This option is strongly recommended as it reaches an additional audience from the SoldOut advertising audience.

You will have the option to include the Social Promo Pack addon during your SoldOut purchase process.

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